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A bash script for setting up a python development ready, Harvest-friendly system environment on CentOS 6 boxes. Intended for folks who want the shortest path to a workable system configuration so they can get started developing Harvest. No previous sysadmin or python experience is assumed, and no configuration tool is required. The first portion of the script requires sudoer permissions, but the second does not. Copy and paste the below steps into the terminal or download and run the bash scripts at the end of the post.

Two caveats:

  1. These steps represent one way of doing things, not the way. This guide intentionally eschews justification in deference to brevity.
  2. These steps are intended for CentOS 6 (64 bit arch) because that's the OS in which I do development. With minor modification, they would probably work on Redhat. With major modification, but similar intent, they would probably work on most Linux distros. Again in deference to brevity, I didn't try for universality.

Make a user for shared app development

sudo useradd -m devuser
sudo chmod g+rwxs /home/devuser

Add your own user to the devuser group

sudo usermod -a -G devuser `whoami`

Add supplementary yum repo

sudo rpm -Uvh

Install system packages and then upgrade everything

This list includes packages for a production deployment. Some needs may differ depending on your choice of database and web server.

sudo yum install httpd-devel openssl-devel ncurses-devel rpm-devel apr-util-devel apr-devel glibc-devel memcached readline-devel bzip2 bzip2-devel bzip2-libs libpng-devel openldap-devel freetype fontconfig freetype-devel lapack-devel blas-devel libgfortran gcc-gfortran gcc 'gcc-c++' postgresql-devel zlib-devel libcurl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel nginx sqlite-devel vim python-devel gmp-devel man
sudo yum groupinstall "Development tools"
sudo yum upgrade

Drop into a subshell with devuser group membership

newgrp devuser

Create /home/devuser/local and configure PATH

I'll break caveat 1 here to say that I chose /home/devuser/local as the install prefix so that if a sysadmin was able to run the above portion, the rest of the script can be run without root privileges of any kind (unlike installing to /opt or /usr/local). It is also extremely unlikely to conflict with other users or applications on your system (as installing to /usr/local might).

mkdir /home/devuser/local
echo 'export PATH=/home/devuser/local/bin:${PATH}' >> ~/.bashrc
echo 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/devuser/local/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Compile and install python 2.7

This script was tested and I have been developing in python 2.7.3, but later 2.7.x versions are available (as of writing, 2.7.6 is the latest). It's up to you if you want to find the latest 2.7.x and use that instead, it most likely won't make a difference.

mkdir /home/devuser/downloads
cd /home/devuser/downloads
tar -xzf Python-2.7.3.tgz
cd Python-2.7.3
/bin/bash configure --enable-shared --prefix=/home/devuser/local
make install

At this point, executing which python should return /home/devuser/local/bin/python. If it doesn't, try reloading your shell session.

Install pip and important python packages

cd /home/devuser/downloads 
pip install distribute virtualenv uwsgi supervisor

Install node.js, npm, and important node packages

tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz
cd node-v*
./configure --prefix=/home/devuser/local && make install
cd /home/devuser/downloads
# As of writing, wget fails on the cert, but only because it is registered to
wget --no-check-certificate -O
npm install -g grunt-cli coffee-script

Create a home for your webapps

mkdir /home/devuser/webapps

Now, you're ready to download Harvest.

Download the scripts

If the above looks like too much copy-paste for you, you can download the scripted version of these steps and just source it. The script had to be split into two parts because of the group membership modification step, so just run first and second. Alternatively, you can have your sysadmin run the first part of the script (which requires sudoer permissions), ask him or her to add you to the devuser group, and then you can run the second part.

Contact us for help

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