Developed by at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Early Adopters. The Harvest team would like to learn more about how people and organizations are using Harvest or would like to use Harvest. If you or you're organization does not have an informatics team at your disposal, the Harvest team is offering extra hands-on support for the early adopters of Harvest. If you have interest in talking with us, please contact us at

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Do you have any questions about Harvest? Hop into the Harvest chatroom to talk to members of the Harvest team.

Google Group

General discussion, questions, and future visions of Harvest are dicussed on the Harvest Google Group. We also have a Google+ community which complements information sharing in a more feed-based way.


Follow @HarvestNews for updates on bug fixes, new releases, and general news.


By far, the most active place to find the Harvest developers is on GitHub. To keep track of the activity, watch the Harvest, Avocado, Serrano, and Cilantro repos on GitHub to get notifications when any issues have activity. If you do not want to watch all notifications, you can look through variou issues and get notifications about specific issues of interest.